The Viaduct Advent Calendar: Day 4 – Foot Health Assessment & Medical Treatment from Foot Care By Sarah



It’s been a tough year for everyone in Stockport, with our town placed under the strictest restrictions for the majority of 2020. Stuck in Tier 3 for the next few weeks at least, unfortunately things don’t look like improving any time soon. Here at The Viaduct, we’d love to make life better for Stopfordians if we could, but we can’t let you go and have a few beers on the Market. Or pop over to Redrock to catch a film. Or even enjoy a Christmas show at the Plaza. But we are going to try and cheer you up if we can, with the launch of The Viaduct Advent Calendar, running every single day from now until Christmas Day!

It’s been a very testing time for businesses across Stockport this year, and in a show of solidarity, we’ve offered them free advertising throughout November and December to display our support. In return, many of your favourite businesses from across the town have kindly donated prizes that we’re going to be giving away to our readers every day. Open up The Viaduct Advent Calendar each day and you’ll find chocolates, alcohol, artwork, gifts for the home, music, gift vouchers and lots of other wonderful treats in store!

Santa Des has given away chocolates, beer and a Stockport County Legends Print so far. On Day 4, he’s got something thoughtful to give away, with a foot health assessment and medical treatment, courtesy of Foot Care By Sarah.

Cold winter weather. Tough, unloving footwear. The big food shop. Rushing round trying to get those last minute presents. Christmas can be an absolute nightmare on our feet, which is the perfect recipe for poor foot health. But thanks to the lovely Sarah Vincent, you can have an hour long foot health assessment and treatment session to look forward to. Sarah will identify and treat the vast majority of foot health complaints during the appointment at her clinic, leaving your feet in great health going into 2021.

To win our Day 4 prize, please answer the question at the bottom of this article. Also, take a few moments to read our short interview with Sarah, and check out her contact details as well if you’re looking to purchase a nice, considerate gift which a friend or family member can look forward to over the festive period.


Okay. People hate touching feet, don’t they? How do you cope with it?
You’re right, a lot of people don’t like the idea of touching someone else’s feet! What I have found though is that people do enjoy the feeling of their feet being treated, so much so that I’ve had clients come to me despite not really requiring the medical service I offer! My mum has been a practising podiatrist for over thirty years now, so feet have always been a part of my life and that normalised the whole situation for me from an early age. 

If you could choose any celebrity to give you a foot massage, who would it be?
Well while I don’t offer massage as one of my treatments as I’m purely medical, I’d happily massage David Bowie’s feet for as long as he’d let me, while asking him to regale me with stories of where his feet have taken him over the years. 

How did you get into running your business?
My mum is a podiatrist and my dad is a foot health practitioner like myself. So after years of, dare I say, nagging from the parents, I finally listened and retrained. I love that I can go to my family for advice and guidance. I started working in a podiatry surgery during my school holidays so it’s always something I’ve been intrigued by, and the fact that I can bare to touch feet is a massive bonus!

What’s been the worst thing you’ve seen on a pair of feet?
People not taking care of their feet and ending up in pain from callus or ingrown nails. No matter what I’ve seen though it’s always most satisfying when I’m able to remove any foot pain for my clients. Though I must say, during training I had the misfortune of treating the smelliest pair of feet I’ve ever come across. No other pair have come close since!

How has this year affected your business?
I’m very sad to say it’s massively affected me. I opened a new clinic in February and had to shut it in March because the place I was renting didn’t survive the first lockdown. I’ve bounced back though and I’m now able to offer an in-clinic service, as well as home visits.


Address: Mac Court, St Thomas Place, Stockport, SK1 3TY

Mobile: 07954 301098




Firstly, a huge congratulations to Bob Carey, our Day 3 winner, who has a Stockport County Legends Print on its way, courtesy of Penno Draws. Bob’s a massive County fan, so the print has gone to a good home! Thank you to everyone who entered.

To win today’s prize, a foot health assessment and medical treatment, please answer the following question, typing your answer into the comments section below.

Day 4 Question – What’s the best place in the world your feet have taken you to?

We’ll choose one of the answers at random, and announce the winner on The Viaduct website, and across all of our social media channels, tomorrow!

If you’d like your business to be featured in our Advent Calendar, please email for further information.

18 thoughts on “The Viaduct Advent Calendar: Day 4 – Foot Health Assessment & Medical Treatment from Foot Care By Sarah”

  1. I did a 84 mile hike through the peak District and it was truly beautiful and sadly my feet took at battering at the end But I am so glad I did it!
    These are some interesting and insightful Opinions! What a lovely interview!

  2. My feet ran tough Mudder 3 times and raised loads of money for charity. Absolute grit but delighted to have done It!

  3. Bed. Anyone who answers any different is fibbing. Bed is everyone’s best place in the world.

    Not mine specifically, mind.

  4. My feet took me along the ‘Path of the Gods’ on the Amalfi coast in Italy a couple of years ago. It’s a narrow path on the edge of cliffs high above the Mediterranean sea.

  5. My feet have taken me to some amazing places. That short walk from the car to the maternity ward for the birth of my son and 4 years later my daughter were the best walk ever though

  6. My feet have taken me to Berlin Walking through some eye opening and Emotional Monument From the war to The berlin wall reminds you of how lucky we are to live in a Society like today.

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