The Viaduct Advent Calendar: Day 1 – Chocolate Hamper from Simon Dunn Chocolatier



It’s been a tough year for everyone in Stockport, with our town placed under the strictest restrictions for the majority of 2020. Still in Tier 3 for the next few weeks at least, unfortunately things don’t look like improving any time soon. Here at The Viaduct, we’d love to make life better for Stopfordians if we could, but we can’t let you go and have a few beers on the Market. Or pop over to Redrock to catch a film. Or even enjoy a Christmas show at the Plaza. But we are going to try and cheer you up if we can, with the launch of The Viaduct Advent Calendar, running every single day from now until Christmas Day!

It’s been a very testing time for businesses across Stockport this year, and in a show of solidarity, we’ve offered them free advertising throughout November and December to display our support. In return, many of your favourite businesses from across the town have kindly donated prizes that we’re going to be giving away to our readers every day. Open up The Viaduct Advent Calendar each day and you’ll find chocolates, alcohol, artwork, gifts for the home, music, gift vouchers and lots of other wonderful treats in store!

We were going to launch our Advent Calendar in the traditional style on December 1st. But after the frustrating announcement from the government yesterday, placing Stockport in Tier 3, we felt everyone needed cheering up a bit, so we’re launching a few days early instead. Especially as we’ve got a cracking prize on Day 1 – a Chocolate Hamper worth £50, courtesy of Simon Dunn Chocolatier, including a box of 36 handmade chocolate truffles, Simon’s ‘Cocoa The Bean’ book, a bottle of Cheshire Chocolate Porter beer and a bag of chocolate sprouts!

To win this superb prize, please answer the question at the bottom of this article. Also, take a few moments to read our short interview with Simon, and check out his contact details as well to purchase your chocolate gifts for friends and family this year!


What’s your favourite chocolate bar?
Cadbury’s Star Bar. I like the mix of peanut, caramel and chocolate.

What’s the biggest selling item on your website?
The best sellers are the selection packs of 6 chocolates where customers can choose their favourites.

Who’s the best Willy Wonka – Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp?
Definitely Gene Wilder. No question about that.

Which chocolate do you enjoy making the most?
I like making Alpini the most as they are made completely by hand, with no moulds or pre-determined shapes, so each one is totally unique.

Since starting your business, what’s been your favourite moment?
This is now my favourite time in business. In the past I’ve had several shops which became busy coffee shops which took me away from being a chocolatier. I now concentrate on just chocolate making. Recently I bought a conche to grind my own cocoa beans to make my own vegan chocolate which is proving very popular.


Address: Unit 5, Rear of 32 Buxton Road, High Lane, Stockport, SK6 8BH

Telephone: 07966 366602




To win today’s prize, a £50 Chocolate Hamper courtesy of Simon Dunn Chocolatier, please answer the following question, typing your answer into the comments section below.

Day 1 Question – What’s your favourite chocolate bar?

We’ll choose one of the answers at random, and announce the winner on The Viaduct website, and across all of our social media channels, tomorrow!

If you’d like your business to be featured in our Advent Calendar, please email for further information.

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