The Big Preview – King’s Lynn Town


The new National League season starting in October. Still can’t quite get our heads around it. But that’s what’s happening. Well, for now anyway. The world might still implode by the weekend, but as it stands, Stockport County kick off the new campaign at Torquay on Saturday, and we’re carrying on with our season previews by speaking to fans of all the teams County will be facing over the next eight months or so. Today, we speak to Jamie Heaphey, supporter of one of the National League new boys, King’s Lynn Town.

What are your thoughts on Stockport County?
Having never been to Stockport, I can’t comment on the town, although my sister-in-law grew up in the area. I think, probably like a lot of fans, you shouldn’t be at this level. I’ve always associated Stockport with the Football League, and the likes of Brett Angell and Kevin Francis playing for you. Fully expecting Stockport to be there or thereabouts come the end of the season. Just hoping that by the time we play each other some kind of restrictions have been lifted to allow fans in. It’s certainly a ground on my ‘to visit’ list.

Best moment of last season?
Most Lynn fans will say beating York in front of 4,000 at The Walks, however for me it was the 3-0 victory over Boston on New Year’s Day. One of the most complete away performances I’ve seen from a Lynn side. The York result however was the difference between winning the league on PPG and finishing 2nd. 

Worst moment of last season?
The season ending how it did. I still think we would have won the league, despite a mini blip. Nothing would have beaten being able to win the league with fans present. 

Covid stopping the season early. Good or bad for your club?
We got promoted as champions on PPG so I guess you have to say good. 

If restrictions have been lifted, what indoor places should County fans check out in King’s Lynn?
We’re not the biggest town but I always enjoy going to the Majestic Cinema. It’s family owned with quite a historic past and is one of the few listed buildings in the town. We have the usual array of restaurants and shops – quite a lot of nice independent ones. Further afield there’s the likes of Sandringham House you can visit. 

And if restrictions haven’t been lifted, how about outside places?
It’s nice by the river, with a couple of nice restaurants to eat at and just relax. Around the river is the “historic” part of Lynn. If you’re into looking at old buildings there’s some nice architecture. Further out there’s the Sandringham Estate which is nice for a walk round and anywhere along the North Norfolk coast is worth visiting if you’re here for a day or so. 

Which team do you most want to beat this season?
No one particularly, but Notts County would be good. Guess if we beat the league favourites it will show we deserve to be at this level. I think the chairman would say Wrexham considering he tried to buy them at one point!

Realistically, how do you think you’ll do this season?
All about staying up and building from there. If pushed I’ll say 15th and that would be a great season! Think we can surprise a few, especially at home and we have an outstanding manager in Ian Culverhouse. 

And here’s a few other bits and bobs we’ve added ourselves…..

Last time at County: This will be the Linnets’ first trip to SK3.

Last time at King’s Lynn: Likewise, we’ve never been to The Walks before.

Where is King’s Lynn? Norfolk. About 44 miles west of Norwich apparently.

How do County fans get there, if they’re allowed? It’s cross-country over to Norfolk, so it’ll probably take you about three days however you decide to travel.

What’s the latest King’s Lynn news? (Well, the thing that came up most recently when we Googled ‘King’s Lynn’) A local skip company have been fined £22,000 for operating an illegal waste site for over a year.

When are County due to play King’s Lynn? A Tuesday night trip to Norfolk in January. No offence to King’s Lynn fans, but fuck that. They come to us on a Tuesday night in April.

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