Ate Days A Week

The ultimate Stockport Christmas shopping guide!

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is currently worth 194 billion dollars. That’s quite a lot of money, isn’t it? He probably doesn’t need your support this Christmas. But businesses in Stockport do, now more so than ever after the trials and tribulations of this year. Yes, it’s easy to buy stuff off Amazon, with the internet giant listing every product that’s ever been made. But that’s where The Viaduct comes in! Because we’ve made it just as easy to find all your Christmas presents in one place, with our ultimate Stockport Christmas shopping guide. This list will be updated on a daily

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Business Of The Day – Ate Days A Week

If you’re on any of the various social media channels, and you live in Stockport, you’ll have probably come across the mouthwatering dishes being served up by Andy James, owner of the town’s exciting new eatery Ate Days A Week, situated on Vernon Street just down the hill from the market. For our latest Business Of The Day feature, Andy spoke to The Viaduct about the launch of his new venture. Ate Days A Week. Named after a famous Beatles song and a cracking name for a business! Are you a massive Beatles fan yourself or did you just choose

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