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Joel Kennedy, 48, lives in Cheadle and works as a Group Account Director for House Creative, an advertising agency in Macclesfield. Born at Stepping Hill, he has lived in Stockport his whole life, apart from four years at university in Huddersfield, and six months working in Saudi Arabia.

Favourite Stockport pub? My favourite boozer in the world is The Church in Cheadle Hulme. In the town centre, I love The Cracked Actor. It’s old, full of charm and quirks and the owner is investing in the town which I love. I really like some other new pubs in the centre too, such as The Angel and The Wellington.

Favourite Stockport restaurant? Don’t really have one! Cheadle is well served with small restaurants so whatever suits at the time. Whilst clearly not a restaurant, I do love Foodie Friday though!

Favourite Stockport shop? I love that Double Four records is still around. I hope it recovers after Covid.

Best thing about Stockport? It’s home. There’s something reassuring about the place. It’s a bit quirky and has tonnes of history. Further out into the countryside there’s stunning houses and walks. I love that we’re close to Manchester but far away enough to be proud of our own identity. There’s plenty I’d change but the place is ours!

Funniest thing you’ve ever seen in Stockport? The sights in Bredbury Hall are always funny! We should go once Covid is sorted! (Editor – I hear you Joel! I don’t need asking twice for a night at Bredders.)

Describe a perfect Stockport day? Recently I’ve been on a couple of corporate days at County with some thoroughly decent blokes. We met up early and had a few in The Armoury, had a pre-match meal, enjoyed the football (kind of), had a few back in the suite, met the players then ventured back out into Edgeley. Both times I’ve absolutely loved it! I also love going on a crawl of the Market Place, going to Foodie Friday, then back out into the market with my better half – Catherine McKenna! She’s a far better drinker than I am!

What’s your thoughts on Stockport Council? The current re-investment into the Market Place is something that should be celebrated, but indifference overall. I’m glad the council is led by a woman and is a Labour seat.

What do you make of public transport in Stockport? I love the fact that every London train has to stop at Stockport! One of those little quirks. We massively missed out on the Metrolink though, that would’ve really helped on multiple levels – local business, environment etc. Big mistake that. A very localised point but the bus routes on Councillor Lane in Cheadle/Cheadle Hulme are awful. Bring back Cheadle train station too, I say. It was one of those closed during the Beeching cuts of the early 60s.

What do you miss about Stockport that’s no longer here? I hate seeing local pubs close down – Hillgate is a good example. That said, pubs generally close because they’re rubbish and nobody goes in. It’s pretty straightforward.

What’s your earliest Stockport memory? Going to Stockport Market on Fridays with my mum. Always buying material to make my sisters’ dresses.

Favourite Stockport moment? Playing for the Stockport County supporters team at WorldNET!


  • TV Show: Scrubs 
  • Film: Snatch 
  • Book: American Tabloid by James Ellroy 
  • Magazine: Four Four Two 
  • Newspaper: The Guardian 
  • Band: The Slow Readers Club 
  • Album: The Colour of Spring by Talk Talk 
  • Holiday: The USA

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